The Sellability Score – A free M&A service from KG Advisors

The most valuable companies are those that are always improving and evaluating their strategy.

Do you know if your largest asset is valuable and sellable?

Did You Ever Ask:

  • How sellable is my firm?
  • How do I compare across the industry?
  • Where does my company need to improve in order to get maximum value?
  • How would KG Advisors evaluate a company like mine?
  • Selling your company is a big decision; it affects you, your company, your clients, and your family. The Sellability Score is a great place to start assessing your company.

    How the Sellability Score Works

    After you complete the questionnaire, which takes about 15 minutes, you will receive your score out of 100. Based on your answers, the report will analyze how you have performed and give you suggestions based on eight key value drivers to increase the value of your company. Then, you may have the opportunity to meet with us on the phone and receive your customized 26 page Sellability Score report. The report is completely free and confidential.